Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My listing process for sales sites

I thought I would document (for anyone who might be interested) my process for getting my jewelry ready to list on Etsy or one of the other handmade sales sites.

When an item is finished I take lots of photos - 10-12 or more of each item. I usually do a batch of 20-25 pieces at a time. In the Canon Zoom Browzer, I look at them and delete any fuzzy ones, etc. I export them to a new folder and rename them such as b101-1, b101-2, etc. I open Paint Shop Pro and crop them to about 600, and also lighten if needed. Then I go to Photoshop Elements and do a 'batch' processing. This will automatically resize them (I go for 500) change the dpi to 72 and put a watermark on of my choice and color. (And put in a sub-folder). With the item in from of me, I write up all the descriptons in Word for that batch, take measurements, etc. - a separate file for each batch.

When I list an item, I put a notation just before the description to indicate where I am listing it. I sometimes list the same item on 4 different sites. If sales were better, I probably wouldn't do this. All this takes more time than making the item - jewelry in my case.

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