Sunday, September 6, 2009

Light Box for taking Photos of Jewelry

I'm always struggling to make good photos with enough light, etc. It seems after they are posted to the internet to Etsy they look darker than on my computer. I made a light box earlier that had tissue paper in the sides for light to go through. It just wasn't bright enough. So someplace I saw the idea of making it differently.

On this new one I cut out just the top and folded back the flaps to get them out of the way. This one is also about twice as large as the first one. This larger size makes it easier to work in and around. Then I lined the inside of the box with high gloss photo paper. The first photo shows how that looks.

Then, I set it up in the dining room with a light shining in from each side on the top. This really works much better with the light reflecting off the shiny white sides. I believe I can make it even better by adding lights to the front and shining inward. I don't have any right now that I can use, but tomorrow could be a good shopping day. My first batch of photos with this setup look much better and I hope will require less editing than before.